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What Makes a Beautiful Smile?

What makes a beautiful smile?
If the eyes are the mirror of the soul.. Then what is the significance of a smile?.. In the simplest of terms, a smile is what makes us human. Since we are in our most early stages we learn to smile.. this occurs at around 8 weeks of age and is known as "social smile"... This exclusively human interaction gains importance throughout life to communicate happiness, humor, Witt, friendliness. Ultimately it allows us identify with someone without the complexity of words. A smile.. as a beautiful face, needs no translation.
It's importance cannot be overstated.  To plastic surgeons, enhancing a smile can change a persons character and their ability to emote.

Five traits of a beautiful smile
-Symmetry of the lips from side to side and Phi Ratio from upper to lower lip
-Symmetric incisiors
-Healthy Dentition
-1mm of gum show during smiling
-Phi Ratio formed by a pentagon around the mouth

And a sixth trait.. Sincerity

                                                                  Courtesy of Getti Images

A beautiful face cannot be complete without a beautiful smile.

5 things a plastic surgeon can do to enhance a smile
-Diminish prominent nasolabial folds
-Reduce prominent "Marionette lines" with fillers
-Enhance lips with fillers such as Juvaderm, Restylane, Sculptra, Fat grafting
-Improve midface and lower face contour with a facelift and neck lift
-Decrease peri-oral (around the mouth) wrinckles with the aid of laser treatments and dermal peels
-Lip Lift procedure to enhance visible lip
-Chin enhancement with implant,  Osseus genioplasty (Chin advancement or reduction), Chin implant

*Always consult your plastic surgeon prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure.
Make sure your cosmetic surgeon is a ABPS board certified or board eligible plastic surgeon

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