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The Ideal Eyebrow

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The ideal eyebrow frames and enhances an expressive eye.  A beautiful brow isn't simply a symmetric arch over the eye, it has a fluidity and symmetry to it. The head, body and tail compose a normal brow. It's shape is well depicted in Marquardt's Golden Mask as a line that progressively narrows laterally and peaks 2/3 of the way from mid to lateral points.
In the world of make up, a narrow well groomed and darkened eyebrow is attractive. It's position is key.
Here are the basic landmarks for the ideal female brow:

-The medial eyebrow should be at or below the level of the orbital rim.
-The medial border of the eyebrow should be above the medial canthus.
-The eyebrow should rise gently, with a gentle peak at least two thirds of the way to its lateral end, and with      this peak usually above the lateral limbus.
-The lateral tail of the brow should be higher than the medial end.

Here are some general proportions:

With age the brow begins to descend and droop over the brew bone and resting on the lid. The angle of the brow also changes, with the lateral higher portion slowly becoming horizontal in plane relative to the medial portion of the brow.
How can plastic surgery correct this?
There are several methods. Each one is tailored to specific needs. Some of the tools in the armamentarium of the plastic surgeon include:
-Botox to the lateral eye in the crows feet area. This helps reduce the crows feet and elevate the brow from   persistent tonicity of the forehead muscles
-Endoscopic browlift: This is a minimally invasive technique through small holes behind the hair line through which a scope is inserted for visualization and dissection down to the orbit of the brow. This "free's up" the overlying tissues, and allows a lift with the use of absorbable anchors under the scalp.
-Excision (Surgical removal) of excess skin above the brow itself or at the hairline. This is the least preferred method since there can be residual visible scars.

Combination techniques should be considered. In addition to that, problems with the eye lid, including ptosis (droopy lid) should be evaluated for correction and a natural appearance in conjunction with the brow lift

*Always consult with your plastic surgeon prior to undergoing any cosmetic procedure.
Make sure your cosmetic surgeon is an ABPS (American Board Of Plastic Surgery) Board Certified or Board Eligible Plastic surgeon.

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